Secure your products, inventory and reputation with immutable quality assurance on a public blockchain. Most customers take less than 1 hour to onboard to their supply-chain.

2 Factor Verification

Labels can be copied but a Non Fungible Record can not be duplicated. Use the unique QR code and unique PIN to unlock the Digital Certificate of Authenticity.

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Label and Sensor Agnostic

With our printing partners, we are able to ship a variety of tamper evident labels in an assortment of colors and sizes. 1-5 day turnaround time for any size labels.

Cross-border Commerce

Take a look at what happens
to your supply-chain

Products get a unique fingerprint called a cryptographic hash.

Trustless & encrypted data storage on global infrastructure.

Address large amounts of data and put immutable, permanent links on the blockchain — timestamping and securing content.

Direct to Consumer,

Your Products are the Gateway

Majority of marketing is spent on attracting new people and less on the people already purchasing. Unlock more revenue with superfans.

Chatbots pegged to Products

Give your customer service chatbots more relevance with hyper-focused product knowledge and access to automations.

Interoperable Consumer Loyalty Programs

Consumer rewards and loyalty programs just got a lot easier to manage. Add new levels of gamification or connect with other brands.

Connect your growth team's
favorite CRM

Better Segmentation

Combined demographic, attitudinal and behavioral audience segmentation.

Improve Customer First Strategies

Reach new heights with better tracking that was once unavailable.

Our Authentic Marketplace is LIVE

More than a demo, this functional ecommerce store has digital quality assurance and consumer protection baked in. Your brand is next!

Give Your Customers a More Authentic Shopping Experience

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Your Team's Omnichannel Strategy Starts Here

The Infrastructure for Offline Product to Online Retail & Beyond

"Companies with omni-channel retail strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers from channel to channel." - Shopify

Instant Access to Experiences

Give your end-consumers the one tool they need to access everything about your brand. Make your products the keys to the journey.