Press Release

February 3, 2020

Real Items is about to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream. We've been developing our consumer-facing anti-counterfeiting technology and now, with the imminent release of our shopify plugin we're ready to empower consumers to make sure that their purchases are authentic, safe and environmentally conscious.

Our focus is on “Consumer Protection 3.0”: a new way for purchasers to verify that each and every item they buy is exactly what it says it is. Each real item has a cryptographically secure blockchain identity, a digital certificate also known as a Non Fungible Token (NFT). NFT’s are tamper-proof both by 3rd-parties and the original vendor.

The realitems shopify plugin enables vendors that use Shopify to quickly and easily integrate consumer-facing authentication technology into their store. When customers make a purchase from a realitems-enabled storefront, they are given a digital certificate of authenticity for the product. They can claim ownership of the digital twin and add it to their realitems portfolio by scanning the included QR code and entering the one time pin. Consumers can easily transfer ownership of the product and its associated digital certificate through the realitems consumer app. Anyone purchasing a realitem can be assured of its origin and authenticity. The beauty and simplicity of our solution means that every market from F&B to consumer electronics and luxury goods can benefit from this technology.

From our scheduled release date of 2/22/2020 Shopify stores will begin including realitems digital certificates alongside their products. These will launch alongside the realitems official merchandise store, where we'll be showcasing how incredibly easy it is to start using realitems to devalue counterfeits and build consumer loyalty. To receive updates, or to participate in our Shopify plugin launch, connect with us at

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