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blockchain authenticity baked into every product
Real items are
100% Verifiable

Only products using real items technology can be quickly and easily verified as authentic by scanning the attached 2fa QR code. This means that consumers can purchase real items products with full confidence that they are authentic, safe, and secure


Each real items enabled product comes with a digital certificate of authenticity which is transferred with the product when it changes hands. This means that even second-hand purchasers of real items products get all the same benefits as first time buyers.

How does it work?


Scan & Verify


Blockchain and IPFS


Contribution, Sourcing, Recycling, Follow up 

Real Items
Real Causes

We design merchandise and donate proceeds to the causes creating the most impact
Wildlife Needs Champions

We teamed up with Lucky Life Ibiza and Australian DJ's Dazzla & Ben Fhurst to help the animals affected by the recent fires. Included with this shirt is an exclusive track and follow up content. 

The Ocean Needs Our Help

We are taking ocean cleaning into our own hands.  The proceeds will be donated to TheOceanCleanUp to pick plastic out of the Pacific Ocean. 

as a Platform

Explore how real items can help reduce counterfeits, increase transparency and safety.