Digitizing your products on the blockchain with web3 protocols 🔥🔥

Helping brands bridge the physical world with digital experiences

using public blockchains to serialize any product with NFTs

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In the media:

Product ID's on the Blockchain

A full application suite providing authentication of
any type of data or any type of thing.

Easy for you and your customers

You don't need a blockchain degree to implement our technology, and your customers don't need one to know their purchases are safe and real.

Secondary Sales with Programmable Royalties

Meet ESG goals by making products to last beyond secondary sales. Enable Perpetual royalties for your products.

Works with your existing ERP & CRM

No need to replace anything: Real Items Tokenized Asset Manager (TAM) integrates with your current stack. Use our GraphQL API or integrate with IFTTT, Zapier, SAP, Salesforce or Hubspot.

One scan,

a tremendous range of benefits
- for your customers...

Proof of Origin

Showcase your product is real, safe and authentic.

Exclusive Content

Provide engaging content distributed directly with your products.

Consumer Rewards

Consumer rewards and loyalty programs just got a lot easier to manage.

Frictionless Support

Direct access to documentation and customer assistance.

...And for your

Fast Integrations

Add verification to your supply-chain with a software update.

Growth Hackers

Optimize the traffic you have to give consumers an omnichannel retail experience.

Direct to Consumers

Personalize the shopping experience with opt-in content and 3rd party mini apps.

Keep a digital record anywhere you want.

For compliance and regulated products we have a variety of enterprise integrations available.

Consumer Options:

Create a Real Items account

Whether it's to keep a record of ownership or register for warranties, a real items account gives you access and tools for consumer protection.

Store digital receipts in email

When was the last time you deleted an email? Leverage your existing apps with Real Items to have the ultimate record keeper.


Connect your favorite technology to keep innovation flowing
without disruption.


Fully automated supply-chain, from order received to package delivered. Our first on-demand printer integration for shirts, bags and art.


Connect your ecommerce store to strengthen consumer trust while getting to know who buys your products.


Connect your CRM to build realtime consumer engagement directly from your products.


Want to connect more events to Slack or Monday Boards? No problem with our enterprise options.


Does your factory have IOT enabled things? With IFTTT you can trigger new events seamlessly.

Your Platform

We can add the blockchain to your existing platform to increase it's capacity with minimal disruption.